sunnuntai 17. helmikuuta 2013

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Englantini ei todellakaan ole oikeasti näin täydellistä, eräs ystäväni suostui jeesaamaan minua kääntämisessä.

I begged him to stay
but he walked out of the door
a piece of me died
and I closed my eyes

the wind was cold
it blew through my mind
I cried like a waterfall
but I found myself
it made me know who I really am

he didn't remember
what we had at the beginning
maybe in his eyes it was already over

he forgot me long time ago
but it made me stronger
it made me love myself
made me grow up
and compelled me to join
just the way they wanted

they thought
that my heart is like slipper of glass
but it's the mix of angst and suffering

I'm walking towards
my new beginning
maybe I'd to give up
but I don't yet

I'm standing on top of the world
I own all control what I got
I keep my mind off the edge
and I survive

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